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Monday, 16 July 2012

Factory visit (1)

This is it, the date is set!
Satuday, August 25th, 7 of us set course to the Aquila factory in Schönhagen. Tim Drubbel reserved a DA-40, and Rik Douwes (Air Waterland, Aquila importer) reserved a Piper Archer. Now, we are all heavily mailing back and forth to come to a distribution of people over the planes, and making hotel reservations.  Peter Eier is making a week out of it, to see Berlin. He has already booked a flight and hotel, so now the rest is trying to book into the same hotel, so that we get to hang out for the entire Saturday. Maybe a good deal of the Sunday as well. In any case, this way, we don't need to make a three hour international flight after a doubtlessly very tyring Saturday. And it will make us enjoy the journey itself all the more :)
Now let's hope the summer weather kicks in finally ...

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The plane is ordered!

Somewhere mid-June, the Aquila has been ordered from the factory in Schönhagen (EDAZ, just South of Berlin)!
Link to the site of the factory
Expected delivery dat is the 22nd of October. Slightly more that the 3 months delivery time that was given before, due to closure of the factory during the summer holidays.
That's not so much of a problem for me, since I will need even more time to fill my savings reservoir to a level that will allow me to continue taking lessons on a regular basis. I expect that to take at least until fall next year, maybe even later...
F-HARN, Aquila A210 demonstrator for during the wait for the delivery